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Solar Street Light installed at CHIP MONG Company

CHIP MONG INSEE CEMENT, Kampot province - installed Solar Street Light 30 poles at first stage. With area over thousands of m2, this giant company may need around 100-300 poles. Solar street light is becoming popular  among companies, factories, NGOs, and other institutions like CHIP MONG INSEE CEMENT as mention.

See below, pictures of Solar Street Light and summarized description

This solar street light has 5 main components as following
*Solar Street Light with LED 30W

_Solar Titan 100W  (1pcs)
_Deep Cycle battery 50Ah/12V (1pcs)
_Light source LED 30W (1pcs)
_Automatic box control
_Pole 6m

Benifit of Solar Street Light
_No cost on electricity

_On/Off automatic
_No complex wire 
_Life span (last long) 
_Work for whole night (12hours)
_High safety than conventional street light