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Solar Water Pump | Motor 3HP (Automatic Sun Tracker)

This system was installed at Ms.Sophea's farm, Takeo province. Its capacity flow is around 60m3 up to 80m3 per day depend on height of source of the water. It  supplies for 1,000 coconut trees, 300 orange trees. With sun tracker, it boost ed efficiency up to 30% than conventional solar water pump.

This system has 5 main components as following:
_Solar PanelSolar Titan 190W (15 pcs)
_Motor PowerMotor 3 HP
_Pump Inverter: 5kW
_Automatic Sun Tracker
_Wire and other accessorises






+Capacity Flow: 60m3 to 80m3/day
+Height: 5m (pond)
+Surface pump motor
+Sun tracking (Follow the sun)