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Solar Street Light LED30W at BOREY MOHASENSOK

At first stage, 27 poles of Solar Street Light istalled in BOREY MOHA SENSOK , which located at Krang Thnong cummune, Posenchey district, Phnom Peh, Cambodia about 3Km from Phnom Penh International Airport. There are Solar Street Light with LED 20 W (17 poles) and with LED 30 W (15 poles). 

Benifit of Solar Street Light 
_No cost on electricity

_On/Off automatic
_No complex wire 
_Life span (last long) 
_Work for whole night (12hours)
_High safety than conventional street light


Solar street light has 5 components as following
*Solar Street Light with LED 30W
_Solar Titan 100W  (1pcs)
_Deep Cycle battery 50Ah/12V (1pcs)
_Light source LED 30W (1pcs)
_Automatic box controll
_Pole 6m

*Solar Street Light with LED 20W
_Solar Titan 20W (1pcs)
_Deep Cycle battery 40Ah/12V (1pcs)
_Light source LED 20W (1pcs)
_Automatic box controll
_Pole 6m